About FRP

Frantic Redhead Productions is an international professional film and theatre production company. The film production company develops and produces films in a variety of genres. The most recent production is Refuge written and directed by Mark Medoff starring Linda Hamilton, Chris Payne Gilbert, Lena Georgas and Christopher McDonald. Refuge has played in film festivals around the country and is scheduled to be offered by Warner Bros for Video On Demand January 3, 2012. Other films produced by Frantic Redhead Productions and Ginger Perkins include Children On Their Birthdays written by Douglas Sloan and directed by Mark Medoff and, for Crusader Entertainment, The Game of Their Lives written by Angelo Pizzo and directed by David Anspaugh which was released worldwide in 2005 and by Disney Home Video under the title Miracle Match.

The theatre company includes professional actors, directors, writers, designers, promoters, musicians and producers from Scotland, the United States, England and Canada. The company performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for twenty-five years and has also performed for many of those years in Los Angeles. Since retiring from producing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Frantic Redhead Productions either produced or co-produced Beggars in the House of Plenty; Orpheus Descending; Land of the Tigers; Sugar Daddy; and Stop Kiss in Los Angeles and Beneath the Veil at the Kennedy Center and in major cities in the United States. Frantic Redhead Productions staff includes Ginger Perkins, President and Artistic Director; Lara Myrene; Rachel Dickson; Ray Simmons; J McCart; Mark Erson; James Yule; Jenny Wilson; William Immerman; Martin Heller; Joyce Heller; and Martin Milne, artistic and producing associates.